Commercial & Industrial Lighting Design (LED Upgrades)


If you would like a no obligation lighting survey carried out at you place of work or home please call us today.

The survey will provide:

Help on the possible upgrades you could make

ROI (return on investment) estimate

Savings calculations

Samples if required

Carbon Trust Savings

ECA (enhanced capital allowance tax savings.)


LED lighting is the future saving you up to 87% on traditional incandescent lighting.

LEDs are rapidly replacing traditional fluorescent & incandescent lights. LEDs are the preferred lighting solution for Commercial, Industrial & Domestic users.

LED lighting has finally arrived for everyone!

There are so many benefits to LED lighting over its predecessor Incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Let us try to explain the benefits…..

Last up to 50,000 hours compared with 2,000 hours.

Reduced running costs by up to 87%.

Reduced or eliminated maintenance costs.

Reduced heat output (when a light creates heat its wasted energy that’s why with LED lighting the heat output is minimal another indication of its efficiency.)

Perfect for warehouses or high rooms where lighting is hard to reach, with LED lighting the maintenance is vastly reduced due to its life expectancy.

No flickering LED lights offer instant start up rather that switch start fluorescents that can cause discomfort to workers.

No dangerous chemicals such as mercury (Reduces the need for COSHH incidents.)

Funding under the carbon trust

Full 100% Enhanced Capital allowance savings (ECA)

The carbon trust is offering full 100% savings against your ECA tax in the first year on full supply and install of ECA approved LED panels

Wide spectrum of colours available

Up to 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty